New school supplies are needed and appreciated at any time of the year.

There are many opportunities to show your support

  • PE Departments utilize various sports equipment for team building activities and individual instruction.
  • The Art Departments use paints and various size paint brushes along with clay, newspapers, yarn, and masking tape on a daily basis.
  • Music Departments use different instruments as well as, technology to help teach all types of musical concepts.
  • A Garden Lab is a living, learning lab for students. Potting soil, top soil, basic fruit and
    vegetable seeds are needed constantly.
  • Instructional resources to support Stem Activities may include; blocks and building materials, magnets, magnifiers, and robotics.
  • Recess is a favorite time of day for many students and some items they can use include; jump rope, frisbee, sidewalk chalk, any kind of ball or outdoor games.
  • Gift Cards in any denomination either to a store or major credit card, are graciously accepted.
  • Of course, you can DONATE NOW

We will be happy to arrange pick up of any donations.